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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Trying out Watercolour techniques

Okay, so I don't like water colour painting!  There I said it!

I dabble in pen and wash ... and I do like this technique ... but I've never tried watercolours properly.  So, tonight I got out an old Watercolour technique book (picked it up from Ebay for a couple of quid) and started reading up on stretching paper, wetting paper and other "fun stuff" to do with watercolours.  

Reading up on "let the paint move across the paper, making it's own patterns" does not fill me with enthusiasm!  I like my structured, tight acrylic paint ... I know what I'm doing with this and I know where it's going (not far from my brush that's where!).  I like being in control, but acrylic painting takes time, and a full scale large canvas with lots of details can take me weeks!

So I found some "mixed media" paper (A5, 250gsm) .... I know, still a little bit on the thin side.  I bought some new water colour paints (Winsor & Newton Travel travel set ... it arrived much smaller than I thought it was going to be ... the accompanying brush is telescopic!).  I had about 30  minutes spare tonight and I followed lesson 1, creating a simple landscape ....

Things started okay with me wetting the top 3rd of the paper as instructed and then laying down my 1st ever gradient wash of the dark blue from my new watercolour paints ... it looked like the sky and got less vibrant as it hit the horizon.  Then I added a brown/blue mix for the background mountains ... and got a bit of mixing going on with the sky ... noooo!  With acrylics, I would just have painted over this, but now I could do nothing.  So, I put it down to my new found "loose" style ... but I was hating it inside :-)

Then I layed down some light green washes for the trees and grasses (adding some blue for the distant trees).  Letting this dry, I then continued to add more layers on top of the trees to create shadowed areas.  The instructions said not to get too worried about the form and just dab down the paint ..... again, I'm struggling with this loose style, but sticking with it.  Finally, I did the same layering technique with the country lane ... and after 30 minutes or so, I had completed my 1st "real" watercolour painting

I actually don't mind the finished painting too much ... long way to go though .. well, around 250 pages according to the book :-)

I'll probably post some more on this as I progress (or not! :-))

C&C welcome


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