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Saturday, 17 October 2020

The Wizards' Library - Recognition

When I started drawing and painting again in May 2019, I certainly didn't expect to get any recognition.  But I've been so happy and surprised to get recognition twice for my Wizard's Library painting

Firstly, I entered the painting in a National competition (TALP Open 2020) a few months ago (not really in any hope and certainly not in expectation) and a few weeks later I found it out that the painting was "Highly Commended" and had been selected to be displayed in their virtual gallery of winners.  I was super chuffed :-)

Here's a link to the comp  TALP Open 2020

I'm quite active on the biggest online art gallery, Deviantart (48 million accounts!).  In Early October  my Wizard's Library painting was selected for a Daily Deviation (Deviantart select a few paintings every day for this honour).  Again I super chuffed and very proud! :-) 

Daily Deviation Award

It certainly makes the weeks I took to paint this worthwhile :-)


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